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In Alex's own words:
(Or my life history in 25 words or less!)

Full name: Alexandra Huntingdon Tydings

Nickname(s): Alex, Al, Liex, Lucy, Aeysha, Angel

Birthdate: December 15. Sagittarius through and through. Yes I've been in L.A. too long!

Hometown: Washington DC. The real DC, inside the beltway, home of the greatest hardcore scene in the known universe.

Currently living in: Los Angeles

Height: 5'7"

Eye Color: Blue/gray

Hair Color: Back to blonde again!

Shoe Size: 7

Siblings/Family: 4 sisters and a brother

First acting job/age: Eleven, played a student in the Royal Ballet's production of Isadora at the Kennedy Center

Previous Work/Jobs/Rock bands played in: You mean jobs other than acting? That would be script reader, dog walker, receptionist at a dance studio, coordinator of university women's center, women's peer counselor, model, waitress, sales person at punk clothing store, video store clerk, and singer/ bassist of the bands "Annabelle Kickbox" and "She's Seen You Naked." I also did demolition one summer. No joke, I would call it construction, but all I did was tear stuff out. So much fun.

Future Plans: Travel the world learning all of its dances, more theater, more independent films, and make a few of my own, a couple of road trips, some kids, more dogs, and a little more sleep.

Favorite Books: Song of Solomon, Toni Morrison. 100 Selected Poems, e.e. cummings. Garden of Eden, Ernest Hemingway. The World According to Garp, John Irving. The Book of Laughter and Forgetting, Milan Kundera. Succulent Wild Woman, by SARK.

Favorite Music: Blondie, the Clash, Rites of Spring (the Discord hardcore band, not the classical piece), Ella Fitzgerald... the list gets huge from there

Favorite Music I've Discovered Recently: Miss E Elliot, Jill Scott, Macy Gray, Cree Summer, and The Handsome Boy Modeling School

Favorite Movies: Sweet Charity, Grease, Star Wars, Angel At My Table, Trainspotting, The Celebration, High Heels

Favorite Movies I've Seen Recently: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and You Can Count On Me

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Animals: All of them, including snakes, spiders, and even small yappy dogs

Hobbies: Dancing, singing, writing, drawing, and learning new stuff. And of course dying my hair.

Favorite Xena and Herc Eps: Little Problems, The Apple

M&Ms Preference: Crispy

Last Vacation: New Orleans last summer. I went to do the Big Easy convention and stayed for a few days afterward. It was the first time I had ever been to New Orleans, and it has now become my favorite city. Besides having the best food, coffee, and music-- the city has a soul to it that I just loved. It's so cool to see trumpet players, big bands, and little kids with bottle caps on the souls of their sneakers all performing outside on the streets.

Within an hour of arriving, I walked around the french quarter and discovered a fantastic swing band playing outside on the sidewalk right under a sign that said "Quiet, church zone." I knew immediately that this was my kind of town! Most places that I visit in the U.S. are looking more and more interchangable-- with the same handful of Walmarts, Borders, and Starbucks. So I was thrilled to discover a city that feels so steeped in its own culture and history. And as far as I'm concerned, the seediness, the humidity, and the alligators just add to its charm.

Did you know that Alexandra has tattoos? A celtic band on her arm and a faerie on her shoulder blade, both of which she designed herself.

Alex's arm tattoo

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